Welcome to the Guardian’s Keep.
These aged and Hallowed Halls have seen much adventure over the years. Please come on in and take a look around, we always welcome new recruits into our fold. Many have come and gone and left their mark on these walls over the years, the stories, tales and legends of this place ring with a life all their own. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything you need, and stop at the bar for a drink on your way out, say hello to old friends or make new ones. Remember though, this is not a place for the sane, weak minded or feint of heart, this is a place where legends are born and tales of greatness are told over pints of mead and ale. . .

Rudolph Van-Richtens Study
The Great Library of Kalamar
The Lost Temple of Zagyg
The Towers of High Sorcery
The Library of Eltabbar

The Guardians Keep

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