The Guardians Keep

A History of the Guardians

Chapter 2: Only the Lost

Chapter 2
Only The Lost

He was born Cain Asher, an assassin for hire and he did his job not only well, but he was one of the best. Cain was the Demon Lord Anthraxous’s own personal hit man on Krynn and three other worlds as well, it was his job to take out anyone the demon saw fit to deploy him against, and never ask questions. But the time came to assassinate the father of a very good friend, a friend he had known for years, a girl he had watched grow into a woman, a woman named Cara Dernell. Cain found he didn’t have the stomach for the job, despite how evil the man had become and what he had done to his own daughter, he just couldn’t bring himself to kill the poor girl’s father. Cain found himself in a moral quandary; so long had he been riding as the demon’s hit man he had long forgotten such simplethings as friendship and family. Cain couldn’t do it, he couldn’t kill the poor girls father.

Cain went to Cara to explain his situation and to attempt to explain himself, to explain who and what he was, but the decision came too late and Cara had killed her father as she attempted escape from his encampment and took his sword. The situation had grown far worse than Cain could have imagined, and Cara’s life was now in Cain’s hands as the Demon Lord Anthraxous would now want the next of kin and Cara’s life would be the next one on Cain’s hit list.

The decision to run became a simple one, outrun the demon and stay alive. But in this process Cain had developed an unexpected side effect to his time spent with someone he was quickly looking at as a little sister. Cain was developing a sense of morality and a deep regret for the life he had chosen and the question of how many lives he had snuffed out became a weight on his soul.

Anthraxous wasn’t about to let his #1 assassin go off reservation without punishment. In what was to be Cain’s final moments he stood before the demon lord and openly defied him. In that moment of morality Anthraxous laughed and skinned Cain alive where he stood and drug his soul into the depths of the abyss where he kept it as a trophy and an example to anyone who dared cross him, leaving Cara to her misery, a punishment far worse than death.



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