The Guardians Keep

A History of the Guardians II
Chapter 3: Bright Nights, Dark Days

Chapter 3
Bright Nights, Dark Days

The cousins of magic on Krynn can actually be called the birth parents of the Guardians. As it was them that recruited Gabe, into their organization and formed the initial parents of what would eventually be known as The Guardians.

The cousins of Magic needed a way to get involved with affairs on Krynn but without actually involving any of their brethren in the affairs directly. So they decided it was in their best interest to actually recruit someone who could do the job of a knight and still act in the best interest of the cousins themselves.

Gabe was chosen as the individual for this task.

With Ami gone Gabe quickly found he had very little interest in living and was constantly searching for a way to bring his beloved back. The cousins provided him with a means and the empty promise of returning Ami to him, provided he did the job they wanted. Providing him with a base of operations on the red moon above Krynn, Gabe would act as a stop gap to make sure the events that took place during Krynns own Chaos war would not happen again.

Gabe had found a new lease, believing that the cousins would hold up to their end of the bargain, Gabe’s relentless pursuit of Krynn’s enemies took on a life of its own. He began recruiting old allies into his fold, built another citadel up around him and even began taking on old enemies. Gabe and the Guardians quickly began building a name for themselves and quickly became an untouchable bunch of hero’s backed by enigmatic leaders that never showed their faces, leaders which had no intention of honoring their deals.

Gabe had even found a way to return Silverback’s wife to him, with this Gabe found new hope, If there was hope for Silverback than perhaps they could return Ami as well.

But still there loomed things in Gabe’s past which he could not shake. Akmisdues had learned of Gabe’s return and was fairly uninterested in the events that had taken place. That was until Gabe’s team began to return from the darkness which he had thought he drove them into. Akmisdues couldn’t let Gabe recover so easily and baited a trap for him. He offered Gabe, Ami’s soul in exchange for an artifact of immense power. In Gabe’s hasty desperation to get his beloved back he never bothered to look into Akmisdues reasoning’s nor what the artifact could do. This mistake would cost him dearly.

The cousins had lied, when Gabe found out he was infuriated, they never had any intention of returning his beloved. In his rage and anger he threw down the mantle of leadership which the cousins had given him and went rogue. He would take matters into his own hands, and he would deal with the devil if it meant saving an angel.

Gabe went to Akmisdues and accepted the proposal. The artifact which Gabe was after was created eons ago by an unknown race and had the capacity to actually drain a Deities spark and steal it for the wielder. When the cousin found out they attempted to draw Gabe back in but they were unsuccessful and their attempts were only met with blockades thrown up by the Guardians themselves. Gabe was already on the loose, and the cousin needed a new plan.

A History of the Guardians
Chapter 2: Only the Lost

Chapter 2
Only The Lost

He was born Cain Asher, an assassin for hire and he did his job not only well, but he was one of the best. Cain was the Demon Lord Anthraxous’s own personal hit man on Krynn and three other worlds as well, it was his job to take out anyone the demon saw fit to deploy him against, and never ask questions. But the time came to assassinate the father of a very good friend, a friend he had known for years, a girl he had watched grow into a woman, a woman named Cara Dernell. Cain found he didn’t have the stomach for the job, despite how evil the man had become and what he had done to his own daughter, he just couldn’t bring himself to kill the poor girl’s father. Cain found himself in a moral quandary; so long had he been riding as the demon’s hit man he had long forgotten such simplethings as friendship and family. Cain couldn’t do it, he couldn’t kill the poor girls father.

Cain went to Cara to explain his situation and to attempt to explain himself, to explain who and what he was, but the decision came too late and Cara had killed her father as she attempted escape from his encampment and took his sword. The situation had grown far worse than Cain could have imagined, and Cara’s life was now in Cain’s hands as the Demon Lord Anthraxous would now want the next of kin and Cara’s life would be the next one on Cain’s hit list.

The decision to run became a simple one, outrun the demon and stay alive. But in this process Cain had developed an unexpected side effect to his time spent with someone he was quickly looking at as a little sister. Cain was developing a sense of morality and a deep regret for the life he had chosen and the question of how many lives he had snuffed out became a weight on his soul.

Anthraxous wasn’t about to let his #1 assassin go off reservation without punishment. In what was to be Cain’s final moments he stood before the demon lord and openly defied him. In that moment of morality Anthraxous laughed and skinned Cain alive where he stood and drug his soul into the depths of the abyss where he kept it as a trophy and an example to anyone who dared cross him, leaving Cara to her misery, a punishment far worse than death.

A History of the Guardians
A History of the Guardians

Chapter 1
The beginning

The Guardians began as a simple enough group of adventurers that took down a mad wizard on Krynn known as Vizzerdrix. Vizzerdrix claimed to be from the future, and whether or not that statement was true died with him. However it was from those humble beginnings that Gabriel Cross, Silverback and Amimiquai Bleeder, first met. Their epic defeat of the Wizard Vizzerdrix is something of a legend now only told by Bards and Singers. The details of that battle and how it was fought and won have been so clouded in mystery and retold so many times the truth of the situation is somewhat hard to find . However, in the end it was Gabe and the future Guardians that came out on top and regardless of how it went down and how the bards tell the tale, that much always stays the same.

The small team of adventures decided shortly afterwards it was indeed time to take up residence and to settle down. Taking the occasional odd mercenary job as thing progressed and life seemed to settle down their life was beginning to build in a small town known as Dolban on Taladas. Gabe and Ami found themselves together more and more as their affection grew and it became clear that the two were meant for each other. Silverback being one of Vizzerdrix’s former employees and a servant himself of the Dark Queen, spent his time trying to correct himself and earn some semblance of penance for his wrongs. It was Gabe’s sister Gweneth that ultimately convinced Silverback to switch allegiance and renounce his religion to the Dark Queen. Mazuto was content as a ranger to wander the countryside and even found himself his own life for a time where he and a young woman by the name of Gherlana fell in love.

But Gabe and his future team of Guardians had drawn the attention of a powerful demon, and Dolban had become his new target. The demon Akmisdues had employed Vizzerdrix for his own dark purpose and Gabe’s defeat of him now put him at the top of Akmisdues’s list of problems that needed to be solved. Dolban became Akmisdues new target and the slow process of destroying the hero’s lives became the focus of Akmisdues’s primary consort, Estava. Estava focused first on Mazuto and his Wife. The target was easy and with Mazuto’s guard down it became an easy task and in one night Simbar lost both his wife and his unborn daughter.

Estava’s focus next fell on Silverback the former servant of the Wizard Vizzerdrix. Silverback and Gweneth had grown close as well and the two had been married for quite some time having one child together (a son named Davian). Estava succeeded in Killing Gweneth but failed to kill Davian, this failure was unacceptable in Akmisudes’s eyes and Estava was sent to the slave pits where her blood was drained and her soul captured. Her dried husk and skin now decorates Akmisdues’s wall above his throne.

The Lines had been drawn and Dolban quickly became the battle ground that Akmisdues had chosen. Gabe, Silverback, Mazuto, and Ami all fought valiantly but in the end it was the residence of Dolban that paid the ultimate price and all 14,567 citizens of the city were killed, and the entire place left in ruins, Gabe and his team had failed. The final blow came under the flag of surrender when Akmisdues demanded that the team surrender or he would destroy another city, and keep wreaking havoc across Krynn until they surrendered to him. Ami offered a better deal than Akmisdues could possibly imagine and surrendered not only herself but her very soul to the demon. Before Gabe could even argue, Ami was gone and the deal was done, her sacrifice saved not only her husband but her three children, as well as the rest of the team. Akmisdues left Krynn victorious and confident he would never see any of them again. . .


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