Current Roster: The Guardians Now

The Guardians of the Moons:

Current Lord Knight Protector:
Gabriel T. Cross Sr.
Human; Ranger 15 / Fighter 15/ Legendary Tactician 7
Alignment: NG / Divine Rank 1
Avenger for The Goddess Delamare

Avril Cross (Married to Gabriel Cross Sr.)
Human; Wilder 18: Divine Rank 0
Alignment: CG

The Goddess Lauren Delamare (Alliance Only, Through Pelor)
Human: Soul Knife 20 / Cleric 20 / Divine 11
Alignment: NG
Domains: Protection, Strength, Wrath
Portfolio: Justice, Protection of the innocent, retribution, Individuality
Clerical alignment: LG, NG, CG

Cronin Hunter
Half-Orc; Monk 27
Alignment: LN:

Cecelia Hunter (Married to Cronin Hunter)
Elf: Ranger 23
Alignment: CG

Gabriel Cross Jr. (Son of Gabe Cross Sr.)
Half Human: Ranger 6
Alignment: CG

Gwenyth Cross (Daughter of Gabe Cross Sr.)
Half Human: Sorcerer 15
Alignment: N

Madeline Cross (Daughter of Gabe Cross Sr.)
Half Human: Rogue 10
Alignment: LE

Torenth Silverleaf
Half-elf; Paladin 18 / Divine Agent 10 (Pelor)
Alignment: LG:

Aaril Silverleaf (Married to Torenth Silverleaf)
Human: Druid 18
Alignment: NG:

Human; Fighter 23
Alignment: LE

Mazuto Stargaze
Human: Ranger 21
Alignment: NG

Verilanna Silverstar
elf; Ranger 19
Alignment: CG

Thorin Gareth:
Human; Cleric (of Saint Cuthbert) 14 / Fighter 7
Alignment: LN

Thomas Levines
Human; Wizard 14
Alignment: TN

Validor Herak (Brother of Morgrim)
Human; Cleric 18 of Pelor
Alignment: LG

Morgrim Herak (Brother of Validor)
Human; Rogue 13
Alignment: CN

Tal Thornin
Human; Psychic Warrior 21
Alignment: TN

Gwyneth Cross (Sister of Gabe Cross Sr. / Married to Silverback)
Human; Sorcerer 24
Alignment: NG

Alaroth Hellborn
Hellborn; Ranger 6 / Abolisher 10
Alignment: NG

Cara Asher (Wife of Alaroth)
Elan; Wilder 16
Alignment: CG

Current Roster: The Guardians Now

The Guardians Keep Valthronis