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From here you’ll find all the information you need on the Guardians of the Moons, their current mission and any events going on in the multi-verse that requires their immediate attention.
So what are the Guardians of the Moons?

The Guardians are a loose connection of men and women who have gathered over the years to fight against the minions of the Far Realm Deity known as Azathoth. His growing influence and war on the planes of our existence is something the Guardians themselves have sworn an oath to fight against regardless of race, creed or beliefs. Our mission is delay, hold back and stop Azathoth at all costs, regardless of what it means to ourselves.

In these halls you will find the remains of those who have come before you, their stories and legends serve as an inspiration to us all. In the end we do not seek fame or fortune, we look not to have our names remembered in legendary tales. We seek only the guidance and the ability to fight a war that can only end one way.

So you will not find heroic names on a wall for those who have died and come before you, only a star commemorating their sacrifice, and a prayer to the Goddess to Delemere to light our way home. . .

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