Rank and Structure

The Ranks of the Guardians:

Lord Knight Protector:
Leader and Commander of the Guardians of the Moons

Goddess of the Knight
Is a unique title given to the Goddess Delemere for her assistance over the years to the Guardians. As she cannot have an ‘Official’ role in their organization, but is still considered a member anyway.

Guardian Knight
Is the highest rank that can be achieved within the knighthood and is achieved only after years of distinction. Guardian Knights are considered ‘Generals’ and leaders of the knighthood.

First Knight
Is a rank below Guardian Knight and is achieved only after years of distinction. Considered to be lieutenants they answer to Guardian Knights, and are used as sword arms against the forces of Azathoth.

Guardian Priest
Is given a rank given to Paladin’s or Clerics of the Knighthood only after years of distinction as a First Priest. They serve as religious leaders of the knighthood.

Guardian Mage
Is a Rank given to mages only after years of distinction as a First Mage. Guardian Mages are considered the ‘magical leaders’ of the knighthood.

Guardian Master
The Title of Guardian Master is a title given to only one individual at a time. This person is the trainer, master, and teacher when it comes to fighting the forces of Azathoth. This person must hold a multitude of knowledge in fighting styles and techniques. Arguably one of the most important individuals in the knighthood; many come to him in times of need when all else seems to have failed. He is both calm and collected and serves as beacon to everyone around him. His knowledge rivals that of the Great Guardian Library.

First Priest
A First Priest is a Paladin or Cleric that has served as an initiate for several years and is now preparing and training to become a Guardian Priest

First Mage
A First Mage is a Wizard or Sorcerer that has trained for several years as an Initiate and is now preparing to become a Guardian Mage

Knight Initiate
A Knight Initiate is a new recruit into the knighthood they serve for many years and take on many missions before full blooded membership as a First Knight is even considered. The life expectancy of a Knight Initiate is 6 months and therefore only given out to people who are dead serious about what the Guardians represent.

Dark Knight of the Shadows
Are titles given to members of the dark corners of the multiverse where their allegiance with us must remain in secret or risk death. They are dark heroes who ally with us because they believe in our overall cause.

Rank and Structure

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