The Divinely Decended

Divinely Descended By The Taio Show

Description: The Divinely Descended are direct mortal descents of a deity, and due to this line blood line they are imbued with supernatural gifts and powers. This truth may lay dormant in the creature for years, but when it does awaken it can be both awesome and terrifying. The Divinely Descended must have one mortal parent and one deific parent.

Hit Dice: All Hit Dice change to d12’s.

Speed: Same as base creature.

Attacks: Same as base creature.

Armor Class: Add the creatures Charisma Modifier to its Armor Class as a Deflection Bonus.

Special Attacks: None.

Spell like Abilities: A Divinely Descended with a Charisma or Wisdom score of 8 or higher has access to the following Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day: Atonement, Geas/Quest, Heal; 3/day: Hold Person, Ethereal Jaunt, Raise Dead. The DC for any Spell-Like Ability that requires one is (10 + HD + Cha/Wis Modifier).

Special Qualities: The Divinely Descended gain the following special qualities;

Damage Reduction (Ex): 10 / +5

Darkvision (Ex): Gains Dark Vision 60 feet

Fear Aura (Sp): The Divinely Descended is incredible to behold, but to behold them can also be horrifying. Anyone within 60ft. when they activate their Fear Aura most succeed on a Will Save (DC: 10 + HD + Cha/Wis) or be affected as if by the Fear Spell.

Saves: +1 Divine Bonus to all Saves.

Abilities: Increase the following stats: +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom.

Skills: Same as base creature.

Feats: Gain the following feats: True Believer (Their Divine Parents), Iron Will, Weapon Focus (Divine Parents Favored Weapon)

Climate/Terrain: Any land or underground

Organization: Solitary

Alignment: Any

Advancement: By character class

Level Adjustment: +3

The Divinely Decended

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