The Dousing Sickness

Disease Name: The Dousing Sickness (By The Taio Show)

Infection DC: Inhale or Injury (10 + Infected Creatures HD + Infecting Creatures HD). Bypasses any Immunity versus Magical or Non-Magical disease.

Incubation: 1d4 Hours.

Damage: 1d2 Constitution Damage per Day til Constitution drops to 1, then 1d2 Strength Damage per Day til Strength Drops to 1, then 1 Permanent Negative Level per Week til ECL Drops to 1. Always considered under the following Condition Effects; Disabled, Exhausted, Flat-Footed, Nauseated, and Sickened.

Notes: This plague is cunning and vicious; turning not only it’s insidious potency against the infected creature, but also using their own defenses against them. This disease first strikes their ability to fight it off, then cripples the body… then it begins to do real damage to the infected creature. The Dousing Sickness completely quashes the infected creature’s ability to grow as a person, and degenerates them back into a barely functioning being. It not only infects the body, it infects the very soul of a creature. For the rest of the creature’s life they are left a crippled, twisted, putrid shamble of their former self… trapped in their decayed and incapable body, with their doused spirit.

Curing: The Dousing Sickness has proven to be the most dangerous plague to exist on Krynn. Whole nations have been quarantined and burned to the ground to protect the rest of Krynn from being crippled by this disease. No single divine spell has yet been given by the Gods to combat this disease, but a combination of spells has proven to remove the infection. The following spells must be cast, at the same time, on the infected creature in order to cure them; Heal, Regenerate, and Greater Restoration.

The Dousing Sickness

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