The Goddess Delemere

Alignment: NG
Clerical Alignments: CG, NG, LG
Human: Soul Knife 20 / Cleric 20 /
Divine Rank: 11
Domains: Protection, Strength, Wrath
Portfolio: Justice, Protection of the innocent, retribution, Individuality
Home Pane: Elysium (Amoria)
Realm: The City of Vigilantia (250,000+ )
Symbol: A dagger over a star
Favored Weapon: Mind Blade (Clerics may use a bladed weapon of their choice)

Laruen delemere

The City of Vigilantia

(The realm of our Goddess)

1. Palace of Eyes: The Palace of Eyes is the floating Castle high above the city of Vigilantia, this is where the Goddess Delemere watches over her realm. Very few mortals have ever been inside the Palace of Eyes, it is said (rumored) that to be inside the Palace is an experience unlike anything ever before. Rumors abound far and wide about what it ‘feels’ like, and although nothing ever stays the same (when it comes to the telling of the tales), the only thing concrete is that it is pure ‘bliss.’ The Sensates have been trying to get someone in there for years but to no avail. Little is known to anyone about the palace; save for that is floats high above the city and is a massive fortress unto itself.
2. The Fields of Delemere:
3. The West Field
4. Northern Vigilantia River: This river eventually meets up with the River Oceanus. The Vigilantia River is said to have magical healing properties but ONLY for those who are true worshippers of the Goddess. For those who are not and attempt to drink from the river, death is immediate and the soul is carried into the underworld by way of the river styx (regardless of alignment), and is never seen again. The truth of this rumor has never been tested by non-believers for obvious reasons.
5. South Guardinal Gate
6. Trade Lots
7. West End Entrance
8. The Lake of Prophets
9. Northern Oceanus Gate
10. The Courtyard

The Goddess Delemere

The Guardians Keep Valthronis